People, product and process, seamlessly performing As One.

Helping you

With over 40 years industry experience, we understand that a superior product is nothing without a superior service. In addition to design freedom and quality components, the AS1 process is built to deliver confidence and peace of mind.

When you entrust us with your project, we become part of your team. Working with you from inception through design, specification, manufacture, installation and beyond, we guarantee the best possible result for you, your building and your client.

AS1 team

Service Support: confidence in delivery

Over the years we have built rigorous project management and quality control processes to facilitate the smooth running of all our work. This gives you the confidence that your project will be delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

Technical Support: confidence in performance

Regardless of what application you’re designing for, our experts will work with you to ensure your specification meets or exceeds all performance criteria. This gives you the freedom to develop your design vision, confident that our team will ensure it’s deliverable.

Ongoing Support: confidence in the future

Like all good businesses, the Monaghan success story is built on relationships. Because we understand the importance of lifecycle and legacy, we stick with our clients, maximising the value of a project through ongoing maintenance and review. And because we understand the importance of trust and confidence, our clients tend to stick with us, building deeper partnerships across multiple projects.

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