• A process that starts
    and ends with you...

    The outstanding results and trusted relationships for which we are renowned don't ‘just happen‘.

How we
do it

The outstanding results and trusted relationships for which we are renowned don’t ‘just happen’. They are the product of a considered approach and a specific process that has been built over decades. A process that starts and ends with you…


By involving ourselves as early as possible in the design process we are able to understand the wider context of your project. This means that from the outset, your Monaghan doorsets are designed and specified to integrate seamlessly with the wider requirements of your building: its performance criteria, but also its application, usage patterns, lifecycle and legacy.


The AS1 process means you don’t have to compromise your design vision to make your design happen. Working closely with our experts, you benefit from deep sector-specific expertise and certified performance doorsets that help you building perform. This confidence in performance then becomes the springboard for freedom in design.


Insight and creativity are nothing without delivery. At the Execution stage, our early involvement, consultative approach and rigorous project management pay dividends for your project and your clients. In planning, in manufacture and on site, accurate specification and assured integration create valuable efficiencies. This reduces installation time, minimises snagging and keeps your project running as smoothly as possible.


At Monaghan, delivery and installation is just the end of the beginning. The team you have come to know and trust will be with you on an on-going basis, helping you unlock the full value of your design through maintenance, adaptations and legacy planning. This partnership approach, feeds directly back into deepening our understanding, and closes the virtuous circle of our AS1 model.

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