The Monaghan Doorset

Seamless integration / Design freedom / Assured performance

How it works

Seamless integration

When it comes to the challenge of designing for specific environments or purposes, precision and compatability is essential: each component of your building engineered to work together to serve the purpose of your building. At Monaghan we have created an entirely new approach to doorsets that allows you to achieve this level of integration.

The Monaghan Doorset—design, building and context, seamlessly performing As One.

Design freedom

We collaborate closely with our partners from across the industry to set you free from the restrictions of individual manufacturers, product ranges or catalogues. This unprecedented level of design freedom allows you create a doorset uniquely suited to the functional and aesthetic demands of your project.

The Monaghan Doorset—a considered combination of frame, leaf and ironmongery, seamlessly performing As One.

Assured performance

We know that design freedom goes hand in hand with rigorous performance standards. Your building has to deliver on safety, security and functionality… on time and on budget. Decades of sector experience means we’re acutely aware of the strict demands that come with projects like yours. Our partnership approach ensures that we work with you at every stage to ensure these demands are met. Needless to say, all our solutions are fully certified. We want to guarantee this up front so you have the confidence, time and peace of mind to focus your efforts on design and application.

Complete confidence

You want your building to be impressive—as a visual design, a user experience and an ongoing legacy. More fundamentally, you need a project that is safe, reliable and compliant. With over 40 years’ industry experience, we can guarantee that your doorsets, and the project management systems used to deliver them, will be solid, robust and 100% compliant.

The Monaghan Doorset: People, product and process, seamlessly performing As One.

Expert partnership

Working with Monaghan you’ll have access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts dedicated to your project. By understanding your specific objectives and challenges we will help you create a precise, integrated Monaghan doorset solution. And by coordinating the project end-to-end, we will give you the peace of mind that we will deliver on budget and on time.

The Monaghan Doorset: Designers, manufacturers and project managers, seamlessly performing As One.

Smooth simplicity

Our approach is delivered through the innovative AS1 process and designed specifically to keep your project running smoothly. From specification and manufacture through to onsite installation and support, we work closely with your team to overcome any challenges, manage complexity and keep things as simple as possible.

The Monaghan Doorset: Client and supplier, our team and yours, seamlessly performing As One.

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