Doorset Specification

Design, building and context, seamlessly performing As One.

AS1: A unique solution

Our aim is to support specification across the UK by continually raising the standards of doorset engineering. Our unique approach offers unprecedented choice of high quality performance components along with unwavering technical support and sector-specific expertise.

For your clients this means a truly bespoke solution, precision engineered to meet the specific needs of the building, its application and its sector. For you, it means no compromise: freedom of expression in design, absolute confidence in delivery and cast-iron guarantees on performance.

The building

Every project starts with the building: its function, context, and legacy; its users, owners and stakeholders. Because we understand the demands placed on architects designing for specific applications, we begin planning with your team from the outset. This allows us to co-design a doorset solution finely tuned to respond to all the demands that will be placed on it.


Ultimately, the performance criteria of your building will define the parameters of your design. However, our process ensures that within those parameters, you have maximum freedom to execute your design vision. With our technical expertise and unprecedented component choice, we can support you in engineering a solution that delivers pride as well as performance.


Bringing together partners and experts from across the industry, we offer you maximum flexibility to specify frames, leaves and ironmongery that best suit your design. This design freedom is complemented by sector-specific experience and project management to ensures the whole is greater than the sum of these parts: a seamlessly integrated doorset, seamlessly integrated with your building – and that’s the Monaghan doorset.


We know that design freedom goes hand in hand with rigorous performance standards and a commercial framework underpinning it. Your building has to deliver on safety, security and functionality… on time and on budget. Decades of sector experience means we’re acutely aware of the strict demands that come with projects like yours. Our partnership approach ensures that we work with you at every stage to ensure these demands are met.


Needless to say, all our solutions are fully certified. We want to guarantee this up front so you have the confidence, time and peace of mind to focus your efforts on design and application.


At Monaghan’s we’re never standing still. We foster a culture of innovation that keeps our business constantly moving forward. In turn, this relentless pursuit of higher standards and more efficient processes keeps our clients at the forefront of their design sector, constantly striving for the optimum result.

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